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Can you name the Bands of the Scott Pilgrim Books?

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DescriptionBand NameExtra Stuff
Scott's band throughout most of the books, alongside Stephen and Kim. Knives is their number one fan.
Scott's first band, with Kim on drums, Lisa on lead, and Scott on his Mom's bass.
This one was formed by Kim and Scott after Sex Bob-Omb broke up. Scott was saving this name for when he needed it.
Scott's university band. Had too many people for his taste. Envy, Stephanie, and numerous others took part.
DescriptionBand NameExtra Stuff
The amazing band led by Envy, with Todd on bass, and Lynette on something or other in the background. Their music isn't even that good. (Yes it is.)
The band composed of Crash, Joel, and Trasha. Most known for 'We Hate You, Please Die', 'I'm Sad, So Very Very Sad', and 'Last Song Kills Audience'.
A band that wields the power of music with no instuments. Just sheer force of will, and odd punctuation.

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