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Can you name in which SASUKE this thing happen?

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Shingo Yamamoto clear First Stage for the last time
Brian Orosco's first Second Stage attempt
Shunsuke Nagasaki's only Final Stage attempt
Kazuhiko Akiyama's first Third Stage attempt
Ryoichi Tsukada's first Second Stage attempt
Shane Kosugi's Last Tournament
Only SASUKE held Indoor
Toshihiro Takeda's first Third Stage attempt
Toshihiro Takeda's First Tournament
Naoki Iketani's last Second Stage attempt
After a long hiatus Jun Sato returns
Kazuhiko Akiyama got #96
Shunsuke Nagasaki's First Tournament
Balance Tank took down the first Victim
Shingo Yamamoto's first Third Stage attempt
Shingo Yamamoto's last Third Stage attempt
Rumbling Dice took down the first Victim
Makoto Nagano got #98
Kazuhiko Akiyama fail Jump Hang for the last time
300th Clear in First Stage happened in this Tournament
A Competitor fail Gyakuso Conveyor (not ran out of Time) for the first time
Only Tournament without a Spider-Walking Obstacle
First Tournament for Curtain Cling
#98, #99 and #100 fail Soritatsu Kabe
Only Tournament for Narrow
First Tournament for TIE FIGHTER
First Tournament for Chain Reaction
Kane Kosugi's First Tournament
Last Tournament for Swap Salmon Ladder
Katsumi Yamada's last Third Stage attempt
Last Tournament for Propeller Untei
Last Tournament for Body Prop
Last Tournament for Curtain Cling
Last Tournament that Second Stage ended without finish Button
Bunpei Shiratori fail Climbing Bars
For the first time #81-#100 have only one Clear in First Stage
Masashi Hioki fail Second Stage for the first time
Bunpei Shiratori's First Missed Tournament because Injury
Last Tournament for Free Climbing
Takamasa Nagasaki's Last Tournament
Daisuke Nakata's Last Tournament
#100 was not an All-Star since All-Stars introduced
First Tournament for Salmon Ladder
Toshihiro Takeda's last Third Stage attempt
Katsumi Yamada clear First Stage with less than 1 second remaining on the clock
Koji Hashimoto's Last Tournament
First Tournament for Jumping Bars
Ryo Matachi's first Final Stage attempt
Last Tournament for Chain Move
Yuuji Urushihara fail First Stage for the second time
First Tournament for Slider Jump
Three All-Stars fail Flying Chute
Toshihiro Takeda fail Rolling Escargot
200th Clear in First Stage happened in this Tournament
Most Clear in Shin-SASUKE's First Stage happened in this Tournament
Bunpei Shiratori's only Final Stage attempt
Ken Hasegawa's last Third Stage attempt
Hitoshi Kanno got #99
Devil Balanco finally beaten
Last time an All-Star fail Wall Lift
Hiromichi Sato's first Second Stage attempt
100th Clear in First Stage happened in this Tournament
Shunsuke Nagasaki fail First Stage for the first time
For the first time in the history no new obstacle introduced
First Tournament for Jump Hang
Only Tournament for Bridge Jump
Last Tournament for Nejireta Kabe
Daisuke Nakata fail Lamp Grasper for the last time

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