Television Quiz / SASUKE: All-Stars' Trivia (Third and Final Stage)

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Can you name the only All-Star who did this thing in Third Stage and Final Stage of SASUKE?

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Forced Order
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Only All-Stars to...CompetitorExtra Info
Injured while attempting Final Stage
Never clear Straight Cliff Hanger
Attempt Curtain Swing
Attempt Flying Bar
Clear Devil Balanco + Pipe Slider
Fail Rumbling Dice
Attempt Final Stage in SASUKE 13
Not attempt Pipe Slider in SASUKE 12
Attempt Final Stage's First and Second version
Never attempt more than one version of Cliff Hanger
Not attempt Pipe Slider in SASUKE 13
Fail Altered Cliff Hanger more than twice
Not attempt Body Prop in SASUKE 9
Disqualified on Third Stage
Attempt Gliding Ring
Clear Altered Cliff Hanger more than five times
Never clear Pipe Slider
Never attempt Final Stage
Attempt Arm Bike in SASUKE 6
Attempt Final Stage's Second and Third version
Clear Straight Cliff Hanger
Fail Arm Rings
Clear Shin-Cliff Hanger three times
Never clear Curtain Cling
Never clear Altered Cliff Hanger
Never attempt Arm Bike
Clear Propeller Bars more than three times
Attempt Ultimate Cliff Hanger
Attempt Dropout Cliff Hanger twice
Attempt first Three Versions of Cliff Hanger
Thrown off from Pipe Slider's mat
Clear Lamp Grasper more than twice
Took off his Shirt before attempting Pipe Slider
Fail Body Prop twice in a row
Not attempt Curtain Cling in SASUKE 15
Never clear Spider Flip
Attempt Rope Junction
Fail Jumping Bars
Fail Hang Climbing
Attempt Final Stage more than twice
Fail Climbing Bars
Fail Lamp Grasper
Not attempt Altered Cliff Hanger in SASUKE 14
Clear Spider Flip
Never clear Spider Climb

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