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Can you name the only All-Star who did this thing in First Stage of SASUKE?

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Only All-Stars to...CompetitorExtra Info
Never fail First Stage at first five attempts
Fail First Stage in SASUKE 23
Compete less than 15 Tournaments
Fail Lumberjack Climb
Clear First Stage in SASUKE 20
Take Upper Route while clearing Jump Hang for first time
Fail First Stage in SASUKE 13
Never attempt Rope Reverse
Never wore #98
Fail Spin Bridge twice
Never fail Flying Chute
Fail Cross Bridge
Clear First Stage in SASUKE 7
Wore a Cap
Never attempt Jump Hang Kai
Never attempt Long Jump
Fail Jump Hang three times in a row
Attempt SASUKE for the first time at age 34
Never attempt Nejireta Kabe
Never attempt Rope Glider
Never fail Soritatsu Kabe
Never clear Flying Chute
Not attempt First Stage in SASUKE 13
Never attempt Reverse Fly
Clear Tarzan Rope + Rope Climb three times
Fail Hedgehog
Fail Yureru Hashi
Compete together with his brother
Wore last five numbers (#96, #97, #98, #99 and #100)
Fail Godantobi
Compete in every single Tournament
Never fail First Stage more than twice in a row
Got his first First Stage Clear at his third attempt
Fail Jump Hang by touch the Water
Fail First Stage in SASUKE 4
Have his first run being cut from Broadcast
Fail Double Pendulum
Clear First Stage in SASUKE 27
Attempt Tackle more than twice
Never attempt Hedgehog
Clear First Stage in SASUKE 24
Fail Rolling Maruta
Clear First Stage in SASUKE 10
Never attempt Yureru Hashi
Never fail Jumping Spider
Have a Prop in Start Line
Never attempt Flying Chute
Clear Jump Hang with one-foot technique
Press the button with his left hand on his first First Stage Clear
Clear First Stage with less than 0.1 seconds left on the clock

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