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ATS has responibility for marketing, sales, and support of Apollos system in the United States, Mexico, and Japan. Owned by United States, USAir, and Air Canada, Apollo Travel Serv
City where many aircraft are on the ground at the same period. Major connecting cities for transfer flights.
This is an accounting system in Apollo that programmatically tabulates and stores all ticketing transactions issued by anyone who accessed AASRS with a basic sign-in.
The card-type ticket/boarding pass produced by a specialized printer.
Also known as 'luggage'
An optional itinerary seemnt which is used to record rental car, hotel, air taxi, surface transportation, and tour information.
An automated system in Apollo used by CSR's at airports to assign or reconcile for a customer a seat on a flight.
Two letter codes that are used in Apollo to communicate within the united system or between United and other airlines regarding flight, car, and hotel reservations.
Length, height, width of a bag in inches
Bin area on the aircraft
Booking two round-trip fares with Saturday night stopovers, and using a portion of each ticket to avoid a higher unrestricted fare. Airlines may deny boarding for a traveler using
This represents the tail section of an aircraft.
An onboard unit that provides electrical and pneumatic power to an aircraft.
Time when travel is restricted for free or reduced fares.
Sequence of characters unique to a customer's PNR.
The doors giving acess to the airplane.
An aircraft system to communicate between an aircraft and computer system via radio.
A program in Apollo which allows the customer to select a specfiic seat ssignment of up to 331 days before departure for domestic/international travel.
The speed at which the aircraft moves through the air.
A reference book that contains flight schedules, flight connections, and flight information for all U.S. and international carriers.
The amount of baggage that a carrier may check and/or carry on board an aircraft without additional charge.
A Triple A is a work area in Apollo that temporarily holds the Apollo entries and responses.
Allows an itinerary to be priced in booking code other than that in which hit is booked.
A service provided by personnel certified by FAA to promote the safe, orderly, expiditious flow of air traffic within controlled airspace.
The automated travel services computer system used by United Airlines, United Express, travel agencies, and commercial accounts for travel reservations, document pricing, and infor
The system that quotes and stores the fare for a customer's itinerary in the Passenger Name Record.
Program for making positive identification that the appropriate bags are ona flight utilizing hand held scanner
To reserve accommodations.
If a passenger fails to check in with an airline representative 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure, their confirmed reservation is subject to cancellation.
A specialized application using hardware to emulate the keyboard. APIS collects specialized passport information from each customer and transmits it to the U.S. Customs and Immigra
Accommodation held by a passenger on a given flight.
Detailed Apollo display of flight schedules which includes carrier, flight number, class of service, date, and departure and arrival times.
Designation used by Customer Service to determine order of passenger boarding.
City airport where passenger boards the aircraft
A program in Apollo which allows the customer to completely check in up to 30 days prior to departure ofr a domestic flight anywhere in U.S.
This printer is connected to Apollo via computer and issues destination bag tags for the customer's checked bag.
Serial numbered tag consisting of two parts which is used as the instrument to route the checked baggage on the same aircraft as the passenger and facilitate the identification of
Direction on aircraft from captains position.
When an item or object is missing from the customer's bag, due to alleged theft.
A way of accounting for an unflown portion of a trip.
Document containing specific seat assignment, which, when attached to the ticket, allows the customer to board an aircraft.
The plane is entireley free from contact with the ground and is in the air.
The scheduled time of a flights arrival/departure from a particular station according to the published schedule.
Any vehicle designed for or employed in the transportation and transfer of fuel into or from an aircraft.
A customer who has attained his/her twelfth birthday and is paying the full applicable fare.
Prohibits airlines from customer discrimination on the basis of disability.
A fare that is applicable to an international destination or area.

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