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Can you name the SNL Digital Short by quotes?

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Those guys are so baked
Andy, what do you think about sandwiches?
We ran together to a tropical island.
Sign my cast
No funny business or you get lit up, lit up
What happened next was a total disgrace.'
Heater on blast, I'm the number one stunner.
68th and Broadway, step on it sucka!
I got a def posse, you got a bunch of dudes.
Sometimes you don't need to say anything.
I'd have sex with both of you.
Not gonna get you a fancy car, girl you gotta know you're my shining star!
We got ourselves a bloodbath.
I say we put mustard on it.
Hey look, it's Anderson Cooper!
And if you wanna make friends at the ATM...
The music was way too powerful.
We need some heavy artillery
They blessed us both with the gift of life.
Walking in slow motion...
These cats, they're tearing up the galaxy!
She put a bag on my head!
Eat some chicken strips
As usual, we ended up f**king
Your brother has the other half.
Okay I'll take it from here...
One more thing, I'm gonna pay by check.
You at Kinko's Straight flipping copies
Save the love letters kid, we'll be lucky if we get out of here alive.
Welcome to the real world jackass!
Drug tests are mandatory
Sisters stealing from their sisters
Everyone must take at least one pill.
It's hard to tell when her body ends.
No one person is taking your life.
Watch me shrink that fruit.
How did I get up in this tree?
...I'm a stupid dummy, walkin' with my stupid bag.

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