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Forced Order
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What is their pre-debut song
What is their debut song
What song's choreography has the action of putting jam on a sandwhich (in their dance)
What song is a number
What is the last song of the Boys Be - EP Album
What song besides Adore U, ends with a U
Another name for Popular Song
The chorus of this song is 'Oh my god Oh my god '
The name of this song is the name of the album
Hoshi, Jeonghan, and Wonwoo performed this song together during their predebut missions
Another name for Can't See The End
This song's choreography includes jackets
This song's choreography includes suspenders
Another name for Laughter
S.Coups, Vernon, and Woozi did a collab with Ailee on this song
Vernon first solo song (one of EXO's song is also this name)
The vocal unit created this single in 2016
The hip hop unit created this single in 2016
Another name for Expectation
In their album 'Going Seventeen' this is the performance's song
Another name for Monday to Saturday (performed by the Hip Hop unit)

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