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Forced Order
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Voice Actor/ActressCharacterClue
Carlos AlazraquiThe tallest of the Adelie Amigos
Robin WilliamsLeader of the Amigos, sports a tuft of brown 'hair'
Hugo WeavingThe oldest of the penguins, takes the role of leader
Lombardo BoyarAdelie with white feather spot on back
Brittany MurphyMain character's love interest
Hugh JackmanProtagonist's father, Elvis Presley caricature
Robin WilliamsGuru Rockhopper penguin
Voice Actor/ActressCharacterClue
Fat JoeRival for lead female's affections
Nicole KidmanProtagonist's mother, Marilyn Monroe caricature
Magda SzubanskiThe teacher of 'Penguin Elementary'
Johnny A. SanchezAdelie with more prominent black 'hair'
Elijah WoodMain Character
Jeffrey GarciaAdelie with a low tuft of black 'hair'
Miriam MargolyesSinging specialist, speaks in Russian accent

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