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Can you guess the characters from Pokémon Sun & Moon from the following facts and trivia about them?

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Forced Order
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Which character...Answer
...looks much younger than they actually are?
...uses the phrase 'Get your Z on!'
...went to college with Fennel? the player the Ride Pager?
...owns the Starter Pokémon with a type advantage to the player's? Blue's cousin-twice-removed?
...tried to mend their own clothes after their Pokémon tore them? their childhood home post-game?
...invites the player and Hau to the Aether Paradise? Gladion and Lillie's father? the most recently appointed Kahuna?
...formerly worked at the Thrifty Megamart?
...changes their hairstyle halfway through the game?
Which character...Answer left-handed? affectionately referred to as 'Big Mo'? a descendant of Alolan royalty?
...doesn't know what an observatory is? the only Trial Captain to challenge the player for the title of Champion?
...plans to take over their family's business after they retire from being a Trial Captain? the person Gladion confided in before escaping the Aether Foundation? the child of the owner of the Hano Grand Resort?
...has two twin sisters?
...was convinced by Nanu and Molayne to challenge the player for the title of Champion?
...has four Stufful toys in their bedroom?
...formerly used the code name '000'?

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