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Can you guess the Pokémon trivia in the following categories? (Up to date as of Sun/Moon)

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+1 Priority moves with 40 base power
Types that have never been paired with Poison
Pokémon that change type when they Mega Evolve
Towns/cities where the Name Rater is found
Types of shop in Join Avenue
Pokémon with Poison Point
Legendary Pokémon with a known gender
Gifts received from Steven Stone (OR/AS - excl. Demo)
Pokémon beginning with 'J'
Pokémon with highest base Defense stat (excl. Megas)
Wings found on Unova bridges
Kalos Cities with Clothing Boutiques
Baby Pokémon introduced in Gen IV
Towns/cities beginning with 'V'
Named Team Flare Admins/Scientists
Types of Incense

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