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Can you name the Pokémon characters by their Fame Checker entries in FireRed and LeafGreen?

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Forced Order
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Fame Checker entryCharacter
I dislike battling, but if you wish, I will show you my powers!
You... You're not [character]'s kid, are you? No, that can't be right. [Character]'s kid has red hair.
I hear [character]'s taken a lot of interest in you, child. That old duff was once tough and handsome. But that was decades ago. He's a shadow of his former self.
Apparently, [character] can't stomach milk at all.
But the person who is most liked by Pokémon is [character], I think.
He stands for justice! He's cool, and yet passionate! He's the greatest, [character]!
[Character] is said to worship Lorelei of the Elite Four.
That old lady's got a really short fuse, too. It doesn't take anything to get that scary lady hollering.
Fame Checker entryCharacter
I would never collect Pokémon if they were unattractive.
[Character] rarely laughs, but is said to be unable to stop if he starts.
POKÉMON FAN MAGAZINE! Monthly Grand Prize Drawing! The application form is… Gone! It's been clipped out. Someone must have applied already.
[Character], who's a senior ahead of me, visits the Spa on occasion. He comes to rehab injuries, both his own and his Pokémon's.
[Character] is said to have a thorough knowledge of medicine. He even concocts medicine to nurse his Pokémon to health.
[Character] was always famous for his cautious nature in the Army.
Known for her logical, calculated, and cool battling style, [character] has a surprising secret!
It's a photo of [character] and Mr. Fuji. They're standing shoulder to shoulder with big grins.

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