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Can you answer the following obscure trivia questions about the Pokémon games?

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What is the name of Alder's grandson?
Which two Pokémon were rumored to be obtainable after hitting a certain number of successful rocket launches at the Mossdeep Space Center?
What is the most valuable item that can be retrieved from Abyssal Ruins?
According to Nanu, what was Looker's previous code name?
Guzma won many battle competitions in his youth by using which TM move?
What is the only type that has never been paired with Dragon?
What is the only main series town/city to have a name beginning with 'U'?
Which Ability prevents the use of held items?
Which Pokémon, upon evolution, goes from being the lightest to the heaviest known Pokémon?
What is the only Pokémon with the type combination Normal/Water?
What two-word phrase is the only thing Gladion says to the player upon entering his motel room on Route 8?
Which Pokémon hatches from the egg given to the player by a hiker in Hearthome City?
Which two Abilities half the time taken to hatch eggs?
What is the only main series town/city to have a name beginning with 'J'?
What is the name of the weather phenomenon that occurs in certain snowy areas on special days of the year?
How old is Steven Stone?
What item can be used to change a Pokémon's Ability?
Who is the only Gym Leader to use a full party of six Pokémon in their Gym Battle?
What is the only Pokémon with the type combination Fire/Rock?
Which Pokémon has the highest base Attack stat?
A time capsule left by Professor Sycamore can be found in which town/city?
What is the only town/city that cannot be accessed by using Fly?
The phrase 'overwhelming Latias' is used to obtain which berry?
Plumeria's post-game outfit is based on which Pokémon?
Archie's holds his Key Stone in his Mega _____?
Which Pokémon has the lowest base HP stat?
What is the name of Lisia's Altaria?
What is the only Pokémon with the type combination Rock/Dark?
In which pair of games can the Master Ball be permanently missed?
In the Unova horoscope, which Pokémon represents Taurus?
Which item from the Glass Workshop on Route 113 requires the most volcanic ash to create?
Since overworld weather conditions were introduced in R/S, which region is the only one NOT to feature a naturally occurring sandstorm?
What two bike colors are available in Kalos?
In FR/LG, what is the nickname of the Farfetch'd that the player can trade a Spearow for?
Which Pokémon has the lowest base stat total?
Who is the only male Ghost-type specialist?
What is the only location where naturally occurring harsh sunlight can be found?
In HG/SS, what is the name of the ruins where the player can bring Arceus to receive Dialga, Palkia or Giratina?
What term is used to refer to a person who has passed through an Ultra Wormhole?
In FR/LG, the running shoes are obtained in which town/city?

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