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Can you guess the Gym Leaders from the following facts and trivia about them?

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Forced Order
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Which Gym Leader...Answer
...awards you the Plant Badge?
...stars in a Pokéstar Studios movie series as Magic Queen Bellelba?
...often chants his own theme song?
...has the Leader title 'The Shining Beauty'?
...has the Japanese name 'Arty'?
...has the Leader title 'The Gym Leader with the beauty of pure water'?
...visited Kalos to study abroad?
...speaks almost entirely in haiku?
...has the Japanese name 'Asuna'?
...first appears by propelling himself out of the sea?
...cried while watching the latest Brycen-Man movie?
...has the Leader title 'The Highflying Girl'?
Which Gym Leader...Answer
...can be found on the beach in Sunyshore City? the only Leader to have a Gym in a home town? the only Leader whose Gym is not in a town or city?
...argues with Janine about whose father is the best?
...awards you with TM76 Stealth Rock?
...awards you with TM40 Aerial Ace?
...often refers to herself in the third person?
...awards you the Balance Badge?
...has a niece called Lisia?
...trained with Bruno in Kanto?
...offers to trade you a French Pikachu?
...has a wife who gives out his phone number?
Which Gym Leader...Answer he doesn't have any interest in Suicune?
...has the Japanese name 'Denzi'?
...has a hairstyle that is popular among young people? the only female Bug-type specialist?
...introduces you to the Pokémon World Tournament? the only character to have the Trainer Class 'Successor'?
...awards you the Relic Badge?
...used to be a model?
...has their outfit insulted by Silver? the only Leader who can be rematched on Thursdays?
...awards you with TM79 Frost Breath?

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