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Can you name the words that end with ock?

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Tells the time
Jackson _______ (modern artist)
Children are born either in or out of this
City where the Flintstones live
Dense tuft of grass
Rap on the door
Scar left by acne; ____ mark
Group of sheep
U-shaped hoops on sides of rowboat
Long coat used by clergy
Badminton birdie
Stone; '____ and Roll'
You wear it over your clothes to protect them from paint or dirt
Socrates: 'I drank what?'
Clover that is symbol of Ireland/St. Patrick's Day
Old kind of rifle
Foot clothing
Cattle or horses on the farm
Stalemate; standstill
Comes after the main earthquake
When you are made the fool in public, you are a ...
Food fish similar to cod
Happens in cities during rush hour
Swinging bed between the trees
Make fun of
Totally crammed
Kind of brakes
'Down in the ________s'; away from the action
Charles _______ (US runner in 'Chariots of Fire')
Rastafarian hair
Horse's ankle
Technique used by police to catch drunk drivers
________ Holmes (Conan Doyle's detective)
What the helpers do to shelves in a store
Gluteus maximus
'_____ Full o' Nuts'
Director of 'Rear Window' and 'Vertigo'
What you do to a bad priest
Earthernware pot; nonsense
Male witch

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