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ClueAnt Word
A group of stories
The Star-Spangled Banner is one, God Save the Queen is another
A lot of hand lotions and soaps are this
Counterpart to protagonist
An African deer
You make a mountain out of a molehill, not out of this
Look forward to or expect (like your ketchup)
Deer have these but ants don't
Aardvark, for example
Milk of magnesia or sodium bicarbonate
ClueAnt Word
You put this in your car in the winter
Medicine, such as penicillin, used to fight disease
Where the wild things (penguins) are
What someone takes after they've taken poison
The study of people
Prank or caper
Precedent, something that goes first
Civil War battle was fought here in 1862 (aka Sharpsburg)
Lady __________ sings 'Need You Now'
Ants have these but TVs don't anymore

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