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Can you name the words that end in 'ant'?

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ClueAnt Word
Beauty contest
Someone who rats to the FBI is an...
Your car really needs this on a hot day
Beehive hairdo
Not a naked ant, but maybe a deviant one
Happy, joyful
Way, way expensive
Someone who uses expertise to tell you how to do things
Meryl Streep was a woman had by a French one of these
Domestic worker
Moussaka is made with this vegetable
Not a dolphin, but an attitude
Far, far away
Actifed, Sudafed, Contac, etc.
Babar or Dumbo
Describes someone who notices everything
ClueAnt Word
Some of these smell like Teen Spirit...
King George III, Nero, Saddam Hussein, etc.
Describes someone who doesn't know anything
Type of roll often found in France
Very intelligent, or shiny like a diamond
Blasé, cool under fire
Fido's 'bathroom'
Prince Valiant is probably this, too
Lots and lots, much ... blueberries and watermelons are this in the summer
1/4 of an area
They're constantly putting this stuff on cakes in the Food Network Challenge
Continuous or unchanging

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