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Name of the show
Real name is Kakarot
Lost his arm while trying to bring his mother back to life.
Blue haired girl who likes anime,manga,and video games.
The Melancholy of _____
Girl who is so smart she was able to start high school at the age of 10.
Shakugan no ____
Mitsukuni Haninozuka
Tenma Tsukamato's crush
Main character of Fooly Cooly
Moves to a small town in japan called Hinamizawa
___The Mightiest Deciple
Abandoned persocom in human form
Both characters have the same name,both have boyfriends in a band.
A wanted gunslinger who turns every place he comes across into rubble
Crayon _____
Mr. ____ another name for the devil
Substitute Soul Reaper
Black Cat
Green haired twins who both have feelings for #11
Nurse Witch ______
Strongly dislikes Izaya Orihara,has unbelievable strength
Son of Lord Death
English and homeroom teacher,has a close relationship with her students.
Ten year old high school teacher
Ten year old magician,teacher at Mahora Girls Jr. High
Middle school student who lives with 4 sisters and finds himself in the world of AT's
Twins from Ouran Academy
#15's twin brother
Pink haired girl who is an alien,in the anime Fooly Cooly
Fraternal twins in the anime Lucky Star
___ Mustang
Shadow possession jutsu
Part of an anti-terrorist group called Mithril and is sent out to protect a high school girl

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