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QUIZ: Can you name the rungs in this 5-letter bond ladder that cycles back to the first word?

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Equine mammal
Namesake of a dot-dash code
'The Great _____ Detective'
To awaken or stir
The way or course taken to get to a destination
Retreats of defeated soldiers
Mopes, acts moody
Strong metal or wooden beams used in construction
Gets in position for a camera
Fails to win
A partner in a romantic relationship
Opposite of 'upper'
The ability to do something particular; great strength
A popular gambling card game
Jabs lightly with a finger
North and South, for a magnet
Gaps, ditches
Bends and creases
Meats, vegetables, fruits, e.g.
Merchandise; ware
'_____ bag': a bag containing party favors
Foolish, clumsy, and/or nervous
The adult form of a 'gosling'
A knotted rope used for hanging people
Viking mythology honoring Thor and Odin
An archaic term for the back of a book or folded document
To pour liquid over
Home, abode

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