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Can you name the words in this compass rose themed word ladder?

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4-letter words
☞Rightwards compass rose direction☞ 
Central staff of a ship to support rigging 
The amount of matter 
Fuzzy plant clinging to rocks and trees 
Throw, Chuck, etc. 
Five on each foot 
A form of 'do' 
____ irae 
Plural pastry dishes with fruit inside 
A dock 
Classmate or colleague 
Fruit skin 
Get ___ Soon! 
A red mark on the skin caused by a blow 
☜Leftwards compass rose direction☜ 
5-letter words
☝Upwards compass rose direction☝ 
_____ Jones, singer song-writer 
Religious text sacred to Jews 
A Japanese industry in forms of Chemistry 
A type of eel 
Mickey Mouse's nephew 
Back to the Future's McFly 
Host one on Halloween or your birthday 
Spare ____ and Pieces 
Article of clothing worn around the legs 
Multiple sets of an eighth of a gallon 
Plural candy (such as wintergreen) 
Most gum is; most toothpaste is 
_____ Python and the Holy Grail 
12 in a year 
Body part where food is chewed 
☟Downwards compass rose direction☟ 

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