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Can you name the words in this 4-letter word ladder filled with twists?

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Clue4-Letter Word
◡◠◡A curve◠◡◠
OR what you don't want your smart phone to do
To protect by warding off, to survive
To give sustenance to
Escaped, ran away from something
◡◠◡A curve◠◡◠
OR to show off one's muscle
A plant cultivated for its fibers and seeds; it can be made into linen
Smooth, level, or 2-dimensional
An accomplishment
Vegetarian's bane
Aquatic castle protection
Open to debate; a ____ point
Owl's onomatopoeia
◡◠◡A curve◠◡◠
OR a pirate's prosthetic hand
A driver's method of expressing anger, shock, impatience, or warning
To sharpen or refine a blade
Completed or finished
A brand of chocolate or a brand of soap
Created a lattice; interlaced yarn or thread
◡◠◡A curve◠◡◠
OR what a surfer hopes to catch
A merchant's goods
Donned clothing
Clue4-Letter Word
All this and no play makes for a dull time
◡◠◡A curve◠◡◠
OR a tined utensil
Golfer's warning
The center of an apple and the Earth
Ripped; shredded
◡◠◡A curve◠◡◠
OR making a left or a right
To scorch or sear
Actor Ives or warden Cain
◡◠◡A curve◠◡◠
OR a lock of wavy hair
Briefly stated, sometimes to the point of rudeness
A small vehicle that often transports groceries or golf players
A sharp projectile used to throw against a board to gain points
Another word for soil
Urgent, demanding quick action
A coin one can stop on
Makes darker
Targets with a weapon or projectile
Hemingway's 'A Farewell to ____'
Several portions of a circle's circumference
◡◠◡A curve◠◡◠
OR the shape of a St. Louis monument

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