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Famous U.S. president who was assassanated by Lee Harvey Oswald 
A famous president who was in office during WWII and was elected for four terms, but died of polio during his fourth 
Sports Associations
The official association of hockey 
The official association for basketball 
The official association of Football 
The official association of baseball 
Television Networks
One of the original television networks 
One of the original television networks 
One of the original television networks 
A news network 
A restaurant chain serving chicken 
A type of hamburger containing bacon 
A classic sandwich that some people are allergic to 
The initials for one part of the Legislative branch of government 
A governmental party 
A government agency that collects taxes 
A government agency that collects information 
The initials of an central, African country 
The initials of one of the most powerful countries in the world 
The full and official name for China 
The initials of a middle-eastern country 
Text Speak
Text speak for I am not sure of the answer 
Text speak for an inseparable pair of close aquaintances 
Text speak for I will return soon 
Text speak for I can't believe it 
Text speak for chuckling at a volume where everyone can hear 
Text speak for go for it and win 
A handheld console created by the makers of Playstation 
A format for images on a computer 
A form of internet game that involves the servers of many computers world wide 
A phone service company 
The name given to opponents when you play against the computer in a video game 
The initials of a list of questions that are asked often 
A measurement in force 
A type of vehicle that can drive over many surfaces 
A military weapon or a game you could LARP(live action role play) to 
An evil organization plotting to get rid of black people 
Miscellaneous part 2
A banking company 
A way to prove two triangles congruent if the three sides of one are congruent to the other three sides 
A morse code signal used to call for help 
Another way of saying drunk driving 

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