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Can you identify whether each given treaty was (R)eal or (F)ake?

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Treaty NameReal or Fake?Description
Vienna (1815)Led by Klemens Von Metternich in the Congress of Vienna, this treaty re-balanced power in Europe as a result of the Napoleonic wars.
Paris (1763)It concluded the French and Indian War, also known as the Seven Years' War. It also established England as a dominant power in colonial America.
Versailles (1945)It put an end to WWII at the Potsdam Conference and was signed by the 'Big Three' leaders: Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin.
Oregon Treaty (1846)Both Britain and the U.S. had jointly occupied the land of Oregon due to the Treaty of 1818. The Treaty of Oregon settled all border disputes.
Laketown (1832)The treaty was used to make peace between the Americans and the remaining Cherokee Indians, pushing the Indians off of their land, and signaling the relocation march known as the Trail of Tears.
Guadalupe Hidalgo (1848)The treaty called for the United States to pay Mexico 15 million (U.S.) dollars in exchange for ending the Mexican-American war and for receiving a large portion of land including California.
Fort Worth (1898)The treaty was signed at Fort Worth near the final battle of the Spanish-American War at Jacksonville, and America won Guam and Puerto Rico.
Ghent (1814)This treaty concluded the war of 1812 between the United States and Great Britain and Ireland. It was not ratified by the U.S. until 1815.
Westphalia (1648)Held in Germany, this treaty ended conflicts between the Spanish and the Dutch, with the Spanish officially recognizing the Dutch as independent.
Honshu (1895)This treaty concluded the First Sino-Japanese War with Korean general Yoo Sang-chul personally signing as requested by the Japanese. The treaty completely assimilated Korea.
Greensboro (1865)It ended the American civil war and followed the Appomattox Court House surrender. Among other things, the treaty declared that the seceded states would be reintegrated into the United States.
Tordesillas (1494)This treaty authenticated a line of demarcation located along a meridian evenly dividing Spain and Portugal's Atlantic empires. Portugal had Cabo Verde and São Tomé and Príncipe to the east, while Spain had Cuba and Hispaniola to the west.
Port James (1738)Due to agricultural and economic differences between the Northern and Southern regions, this treaty ratified the splitting of Carolina into two separate colonies.
Rome (1957)It authorized the creation of the European Economic Community, an organization dedicated to economic unity in Europe. The treaty was signed by the original members of the EU.
East Prussia (1579)This treaty united the two largest Prussian states: East Prussia and Prussia. As a result, smaller states joined and Prussia became a major European power.
Dancing Rabbit Creek (1830)After losing a military defeat to the Americans, the Choctaw signed this treaty, which was the first of many treaties to relocate Native Americans as part of the Indian Removal Act.
Iraq (1991)It concluded the First Gulf War. The United States would later repeal the treaty and invade Iraq for another time during the Second Gulf War.
The Red River (1755)To be able to fight foreign invaders united, Native Americans made this treaty to end hostilities between several local tribes in New England, including the Cherokee and the Mohawks.
Kanagawa (1854)Also known as the Treaty of Peace and Amity, this treaty ended Japan's 200-year closed-country policy by opening Japanese cities for trade benefits to the US.
Trickery (1761)Starting on Halloween night, a series of internal crimes in Petersburg (of modern-day Virginia) started a 'black terror'. The treaty was written up to re-install a stable government; it got its name from the patterns of deception the 'tricksters' resorted to in their crimes.

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