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Can you name the words that begin with each letter of the alphabet followed by 'U'?

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HintWordStarting Letters
Able to be heardAU-
To issue forth suddenly and forcefullyBU-
Of or relating to cookingCU-
The stage of day immediately preceding eveningDU-
The primary food source for the koalaEU-
Mushroom, yeast, etc.FU-
Enthusiastic initiative or resourcefulnessGU-
Excessive pride or self-confidenceHU-
Of or relating to young peopleJU-
Praise received for an achievementKU-
A body/object that gives lightLU-
One who plays the clarinet, for exampleMU-
HintWordStarting Letters
1, 4/17, -3.66, e.g.NU-
To travel faster than something on footOU-
To cleanse, to purifyPU-
The result of division in mathematicsQU-
Characteristic of the countryside; not urbanRU-
Easily bendable; flexibleSU-
A type of formal men's wearTU-
A large scavenging birdVU-
A German or Austrian sausageWU-
1/100th of a Vietnamese đồngXU-
AKA cassava, not to be confused with yuccaYU-
A green vegetable closely related to squashZU-

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