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Can you name the following words* that can be made out of the letters S, P, O, R, C, L, E?

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Clue'SPORCLE' Word
A species of Atlantic mackerel
The sound a horse's hoof makes
To shut a door
opposite of further
Any plant of the genus Brassica, often used to make slaw
A deal with; to get used to
Law enforcement officers
A small thicket of trees or bushes
Center of an apple
A military organization; the Marine _____
A carcass, a cadaver
The chemical compound C(7)H(8)O
A product of agriculture; cash ____
The Greek version of Cupid, the god of love
To run with leaping steps; to gallop
Cuts off the branches or twigs from a tree or bush
Knowledge or wisdom of a certain subject
To fail; to be beaten
Mineable metals found in rocks or minerals
Mexican currency
Santa lives at the North one
Clue'SPORCLE' Word
One of many small holes found in the skin
To ready oneself for a picture
Points used to combat the cons
The ordinary form of written or spoken language
Short for repetitions
Mythological birds of large size and strength
An actor's part
Use it to make a lasso or a noose
The type of flower which was symbolically used in Beauty and the Beast
An old English poet or bard
A device added to a rifle which has crosshairs to increase accuracy
A record of points made in a game
The small blackish fruit of the blackthorn plant
Pig food
Is represented by m in y=mx+b
Forms the base of a column or pedestal; plinth
The bottom strip of a shoe
Physically painful; aching
A commotion or disturbence (Scottish origin)
Like an egg, to a fungi

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