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Can you answer the questions relating to French history for each letter of the alphabet?

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This is the surname of the French Queen also known as Madame DéficitA
This famous French prison was overrun by angry mobs on July 14th, 1789B
This is the French general in WWII and founder of the fifth republicC
This resulted in the wrongful conviction of a French soldier; demonstrating anti-semitismD
Henry of Navarre issued this to keep peace in France during the religious warsE
During the Western _____ of WWI, Germany tried to invade FranceF
This is the territory that covered most of France before the country was establishedG
This Admiral working for the British sunk the French fleet at the Battle of the NileH
During the Belle Époque, art flourished, leading to the birth of this new form of artI
This is the medieval French heroine who was burned at the stakeJ
Besides moving the papacy to Avignon, King Philip IV ended this military groupK
The _______ Purchase sold France's overseas colony to the United StatesL
During the enlightenment, this writer introduced the idea of separation of powersM
Allied forces of WWII landed at this French territory on D-DayN
During the Italian Wars (1498-1559), France allied themselves with this empireO
France was mainly influenced by Calvinism during this reformationP
This is a populous city in the French colony in modern-day CanadaQ
This Cardinal was the adviser to Louis the XIII and was succeeded by Cardinal MazarinR
France became a centralized country under King Louis IX, more commonly known as thisS
Maximilien Robespierre, Jean-Paul Marat, and Georges Danton led the Reign of _____T
The Treaty of Paris made this country become independentU
Louis XIV, or 'The Sun King', built his large palace in this cityV
Napoleon Bonaparte lost his final battle in this cityW
This is the roman numeral of the King Louis who was executedX
France participated in the Hundred _____ WarY
Émile ___ was a French critic and writer during the Industrial RevolutionZ

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