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Can you name the words in this word ladder which all start with 'M'?

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To shed hair or feathers
Majority of
Be commanded or requested to; being required
Thick porridge; or something spongy and soft
To crush or smash
A long pole erected in the center of a ship to support rigging
Very small particles of water
Hit and ____ Engine
Small, green plant that grows on rocks, trees, etc.
Plural Female Parents
Fool; Blockhead
Burrowing insectivore (shrew, vole)
5280 Feet
Don't hit this in a minefield quiz!
Small version
Name of atoll in Marshall Islands; or 1975 Bollywood romance
White beverage
Nickname for Michael
Variant of Mac
One of two weapons, either a spray can, or a spiked ball
Sporcle Admin
Barley used in brewing and distilling
Change of state from solid to liquid
To become acquainted of
Vegetarian's nightmare
Not nice
Low, audible groan
Waterway surrounding castles
Easter Island Statues

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