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What is any one of the three waterways connecting the Mediterranean sea to the Black sea?

What is the name of the Egyptian Peninsula bordering Israel?

What is the capital of Kiribati?

What is the largest island belonging solely to Indonesia?

Which country's flag features an AK-47 and an open book?

Bingo Part 1

Which country has the highest amount of different time zones?

Which country of the world is the first country in alphabetical order?

What is the smallest ocean?

Which Oceanic country borders one other country of the world?

What is the second highest mountain?

Bingo Part 2

What is the tenth most populated country in the world?

Which South American nations do not border Brazil?


What is the name of the currency that is used in Iraq?

Besides the capital, what is the most populous city of Poland?

Bingo Part 3

What is the largest Great Lake?

What city is the most populated city in the world? (not metro)

What is the longest European river?

What U.S. state is Minneapolis in?

What country has the third longest coastline in South America?

Bingo Part 4

Written out in letters, how many countries start with M?

What is the largest Australian state?

In alphabetical order, what are the three recognized South African capitals (without spaces)?

What is the mountain range between France and Spain called?

What is the smallest country located in Asia by area?

Bingo Part 5

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