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Can you name the 4-letter words in this themed ladder that hates you've? (*you)

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'Hey, my Grandpa is in the hospital, I ____ he gets better'
(To wish for)
Beer ingredient
Tools used to plant small flowers
'I hope he ____'
(Money ____n't grow on trees)
A makeshift bed
Small, fuzzy plant
Opposite of least
Should; ought to; need to
The oxidation of iron
One of the R's in R&R
Rock musical starring Mark Cohen, Roger Davis, and Mimi Márquez
An indentation
A hollow in a surface
Fred and Wilma's pet
Carthage queen
Extinct bird
Polish pop star and singer
In music, a separated final part of a song
A set of numbers or letters used to unlock something
à la ____
A greater amount
A female horse
Roman god of war
2006 Pixar movie
A type of freshwater fish
Short for corporation
____ d'etat
Won ton, chicken noodle, or borscht
Like a lemon or some candies
Don't count ____ chickens before they hatch
'Mes' in the second person
An acronym for memorandums of understanding
Flightless birds from New Zealand
An utterance of pleasure or agony
Mathematical average
Jelly, Lima, or Fava
Kelly Clarkson's 'Since U ____ Gone'
'NO! NOT THE ____!'
-Nicolas Cage
To give sustenance to
Prepared a golf ball
Had the same score as the opponent
Articles of clothing worn with a button-down shirt
'I hope he ____'
(Passes away)

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