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Can you name either rung in these conjoined 4-letter and 5-letter word ladders?

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CluesLadder 1Ladder 2

₪ To combine ₪

Smashing Pumpkins, for example -OR- These could be of measurement
Batman's muscular foe -OR- Fits of irritation
Naked, empty -OR- Thin gashes
To watch over; to be interested -OR- A synonym of the previous Ladder 2 word
Blue-Eyes White Dragon is a powerful one in Yu-Gi-Oh! -OR- These can be fired when one party provocatively insults another
A wing of a hospital -OR- Drives away a pest with gestures
A phoenix-feather core for this is optimal for magic -OR- Swayed or rocked violently
What the moon will do after a full moon -OR- A contact with electricity or a surprising revelation
This drink is red, white, or sparkling -OR- a small wooden cabin
To clean by means of dragging across a surface -OR- A limp state often used in describing ropes
CluesLadder 1Ladder 2
Ready to eat by fruit's standards -OR- The color of Aronofsky's swan
To move upwards -OR- ______
A trick; a scheme; a ploy -OR- The taste of water

₪ To combine ₪

A display of exaggerated emotion -OR- To have blood dangerously leave the body's circulatory system
To mess up; to make dirty -OR- To have specific animals mate to create a desired offspring
This divided by volume gives the density of an object -OR- An oath (often taken by hooded assassins?)
A vertical pole that supports the sails of a ship -OR- Emptied the tear ducts
An important ingredient in fermenting alcohol -OR- Empties the tear ducts
To stop something in its tracks -OR- Makes less wet
An archaic word for a male deer -OR- Rhythmically sends water droplets to fall
CluesLadder 1Ladder 2
Any portion of a larger whole -OR- Clenches fist around object so as to hold onto it
____ of Spain, ____ Moresby, ____ au Prince -OR- Smiles from ear to ear
Snail mail in UK English or cereal company behind Fruit Pebbles -OR- Acquires; accumulates; amasses; achieves
J. J. Abrams' popular television drama series -OR- Feelings of discomfort or agony
Treasure; gold; bounty -OR- Multiple groups of two
A crazy person or a type of migrational bird -OR- Follicles characteristic of mammals
A bank withdrawal that is temporarily in-debts the with-drawer -OR- Descriptive of one with many follicles
____ of Arc who fought in the Hundred Years' War -OR- Truman, Potter, or Houdini

₪ To combine ₪

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