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Can you name the Amazing Race Teams?

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Season 11
Season 12
1st Dating 
2nd Father/Daughter 
3rd Grandfather/Grandson 
4th Dating 
5th Dating Goths 
6th Brother/Sister 
7th Friends 
8th Dating 
9th Sisters 
10th Married/Ministers 
11th Best Friends 
Season 13
TBA Siblings 
TBA Dating 
TBA Mother/Son 
TBA Fraternity Brothers 
TBA Divorcees 
TBA Long Distance Dating 
8th Southern Belles 
10th Dating 
11th Married Beekeepers 
Season 14
1st Brother/Sister 
2nd Former NFL Cheerleaders/Friends 
3rd Mother/Son 
4th Sisters 
5th Brothers 
6th Father/Son 
7th Friends/Flight Attendants 
8th Dating 
9th Married 
10th Married 
11th Dating 
Season 15
1st Dating 
2nd Brothers 
3rd Married 
4th Harlem Globetrotters 
5th Father/Son 
6th Professional Poker Players 
7th Dating/Musicians 
8th Engaged 
9th Friends 
10th Dating 
11th Dating On and Off 
12th Married/Yoga Teachers 
Season 16
1st Brothers 
2nd Brothers/Cowboys 
3rd Dating/Models 
4th Undercover Police 
5th Dating 
6th Father/Daughter/Baseball Coach 
7th Dating/Big Brother Winner 
8th Married 
9th Mothers/Entrepreneurs 
10th Grandmother/Grandaughter 
11th High School Sweethearts 
Season 17
1st Doctors/Co-Workers 
2nd Home Shopping Hosts 
3rd Dating 
4th Dating 
5th Engaged 
6th Father/Daughter 
7th Father/Son/Youtubers 
8th Beach Volleyball Partners/Friends 
9th Ivy League A Capella Singers 
10th Birth Mom/Daughter 
11th Best Friends 
Season 18
1st Sisters 
2nd Harlem Globetrotters 
3rd Father/Daughter 
4th Friends 
5th Dating Goths 
6th Brothers/Cowboys 
7th Father/Daughter 
8th Mother/Son 
9th Former NFL Cheerleaders/Friends 
10th Father/Son 
11th Dating 
Season 19
1st Engaged 
2nd Dating 
3rd Married/Ex-NFL Player 
4th Friends/Professional Snowboarders 
5th Grandparents/Married 
6th Father/Son Adventurers 
7th Siblings 
8th Twins/Sisters 
9th Former Vegas Show Girls/Friends 
10th Dating/Survivor Winners 
11th Flight Attendants/Lifepartners 
Season 20
1st Married/Combat Pilot 
2nd Border Patrol Agents 
3rd Dating/Big Brother Winner 
4th Dating Divorcees 
5th Best Friends 
6th Federal Agents 
7th Trainer/Club Promoter 
8th Cousins 
9th Twin Brothers 
10th Married/Clowns 
11th Sisters/Professional Golf Players 

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