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Forced Order
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NotesLatin Word or PhraseTranslation
a sworn statementhe asserted
an ordered list of things to be done; any planned course of actionthings to be done
an assumed name or pseudonymat another time, otherwise
a legal defense where a defendant attempts to show that he was elsewhere at the time a crime was committedelsewhere
term used for the university one attends or has attendednourishing mother
another self, a second persona; often used of a fictional character's secret identityanother I
graduate or former student of a school, college or universitypupil
the system for dating years across the world, used with the Gregorian calendarin the Year of the Lord
commonly used in the Southern U.S. to refer to the period preceding the American Civil Warbefore the war
a natural light display in the Northern Hemispherenorthern lights
well-intentioned, fairly, genuinely, or sincerelyin good faith
an exhortation to live for todaysieze the day
the purchaser is responsible for checking whether the goods suit his needlet the buyer beware
a rationalistic argument used by René Descartes to attempt to prove his own existenceI think, therefore I am
an overview of a person's life and qualifications, similar to a résumécourse of life
a phrase on the Seal of the United Statesout of many, one
worn-out; retired from office; an honor often given to retired professorsveteran
in modern usage, used to mean 'and so on' or 'and more'and the rest
from the library of; a bookplatefrom the books
the term for a prisoner's right to challenge the legality of their detentionyou should have the body
assuming parental or custodial responsibility and authority, as in schoolteachers over studentsin the place of a parent
said of someone's masterpiecegreat work
NotesLatin Word or PhraseTranslation
used in Christian prayers and confession to denote the inherently flawed nature of mankindthrough my fault
usually used to describe a criminal's methodsmethod of operating
no contest; a plea that states that the accused doesn't admit guilt, but will accept punishment for a crimeI do not wish to contend
a comment which is absurd due to not making sense in its contextit does not follow
please note, or note it wellmark well
a common farewellpeace [be] with you
a specific amount of money an individual can spend per day, typically for travel day
the period from noon to midnightafter midday
work undertaken voluntarily at no expensefor the good
signifies a favor exchanged for a favorwhat for what
the expression typically appears on headstonesrest in peace
the rigidity of corpses when chemical reactions cause the limbs to stiffenstiffness of death
motto of several institutions, including the United States Marine Corpsalways faithful
state motto of Virginia, adopted in 1776thus always to tyrants
the current condition or situationthe situation in which
said of a request, usually by a court, that must be obeyed on pain of punishmentunder penalty
a Latin honor, used to indicate the highest level of distinction with which an academic degree was earnedwith highest praise
time passes by quicklytime flees
message supposedly sent by Julius Caesar to the Roman Senate to describe his battle near Zela in 47 BCI came, I saw, I conquered
perfect transcription or quotationword for word
The right to unilaterally stop a certain piece of legislationI forbid
the other way around; converselywith position turned

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