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Can you name the vocabulary word that is also a car model?

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chemical substance consisting of one type of atomHonda
the ability to see into a situation, penetrationHonda
a long wandering voyage usually marked by many changes of fortuneHonda
one employed to steer a ship or fly a planeHonda
a line following along the top of a mountain rangeHonda
a way of speaking typical of a particular regionHyundai
Latin word for horseHyundai
origin; the process of coming into beingHyundai
U.S. state capital whose name means 'holy faith'Hyundai
an instrumental composition of music consisting of several movementsHyundai
U.S. city home to the University of ArizonaHyundai
a device for determining directions by means of a magnetic needleJeep
the quality or state of being free; the power of choiceJeep
one who loves his or her country and supports its authorityJeep
a ranch hand who takes care of the saddle horsesJeep
area in which a person excels; musical direction meaning loudKia
Portuguese word for riverKia
the immaterial essence or animating principle of an individualKia
person whose primary responsibility is to be aware of the position of the ship or plane craftLincoln
when a celestial body obscures the light of anotherMitsubishi
a knight or member of a light cavalry unit who uses a a steel-tipped spearMitsubishi
a fleet of warshipsNissan
a regular hexahedronNissan
a region that forms the margin of settled or developed territoryNissan
to fake out of position, as in footballNissan
greenish lateral outgrowth from a plant stemNissan
one that explores untraveled regions to mark out a new routeNissan
pursuit or search, often involving struggle or adventureNissan
a mischievous person; scamp; scoundrelNissan
any of a family of giants in Greek mythology born of Uranus and GaiaNissan
something passed down from an ancestor; bequestSubaru
isolated rural country especially of AustraliaSubaru
Island to which King Arthur was taken after he was mortally woundedToyota
the collective term for all of the petals of a flowerToyota
person from a certain mountainous region in ScotlandToyota
rectangular array of numbers arranged in rows and columnsToyota
a coniferous tree that may grow to a height of over 300 feetToyota
a treeless plain, especially of arctic regionsToyota
a member of the order of insects known as ColeopteraVolkswagen
a sport in which clubs are used to hit a ball into a holeVolkswagen

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