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Can you name the vocabulary word that is also a car model?

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Forced Order
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a territorial unit enclosed within a foreign territoryBuick
an additional performance demanded by an audienceBuick
a team sport using a small rubber ball and a long-handled stickBuick
magnificent; splendid; suitable for a kingBuick
Spanish word for summerBuick
The scaling of fortified walls using ladders, as a form of attackCadillac
a large mass of material in swift motion down a mountainsideChevrolet
'The Centennial State'Chevrolet
a small, maneuverable, lightly armed warship smaller than a frigateChevrolet
the point when day and night are of approximately equal lengthChevrolet
traveling at high speed, with few or no stops along the wayChevrolet
medium-sized African antelopeChevrolet
an affluent city in northwestern Los Angeles CountyChevrolet
involving sound or relating to sound wavesChevrolet
a small particle of a burning substance thrown from the fireChevrolet
related to an outlying part of a city or townChevrolet
a large freshwater lake along the border of California and NevadaChevrolet
to travel across or over, perhaps in a zigzag pathChevrolet
a unit of electrical potential differenceChevrolet
one who seeks to punish others in retaliation for an injuryDodge
the diameter of a bullet or other projectileDodge
contender; one who strives for the same thing as anotherDodge
a horse trained for battle; a cavalry horseDodge
a small missile with a pointed shaft at one end and feathers at the otherDodge
the act of traveling from one place to anotherDodge
most populous U.S. stateFerrari
the narrow part adjacent to the border of an areaFord
to get free of; to break away fromFord
a long jouney or voyage undertaken for a specific purposeFord
one who travels over new territory for adventure or discoveryFord
festival marked by celebration and joyFord
physically and mentally sound; healthyFord
to bend; to move musclesFord
the point at which light rays convergeFord
the union of atomic nuclei to form heavier nucleiFord
a free-roaming horse of the North American westFord
officer charged with the patrolling and guarding of a forestFord
second sign of the zodiac, which the Sun enters on about April 21.Ford
official agreement or treatyHonda
belonging to a city; municipalHonda

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