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Can you name the two words that complete the sentences and are are anagrams of each other?

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Sentence(s)Anagrammed Pair of Words
I used to be her secret ___, but now our feelings are mutual. We plan to get ___ next year.
Everyone ___ that ___ stains are hard to remove from clothing.
I play video games because it ___ me, but don't ___ that I'm addicted to them.
My boat was washed ___ in the storm, and I shouted for help until I was ___.
It used to be a real ___ in my house over computer access, but now each person has his own ___.
I was struggling with writing numbers in ___ notation, so I asked my ___ dad for some help with my homework.
My doctor gave me a ___ speech about the benefits of adding ___ to my diet.
The time ___ was buried 50 years ago in the basement of an ___ apartment complex.
Coroners are familiar with the ___ of doing autopsies, and they are not squeamish when working with ___.
It is ___ that a person who ___ daily will live 5 years longer than a person who doesn't do any relaxation techniques at all.
Sentence(s)Anagrammed Pair of Words
The athletic trainer who ___ my ankle yesterday is very ___ at her job.
I'm going to ask you a ___ question. Did you borrow my ___ card?
I just read that ___ in the newspaper about your piano ___.
My professor is the ___ teacher I've ever had. He seems to enjoy putting everyone to sleep with his boring ___.
If you're going to work out in the ___ all day without suncreen, you'll be in ___ of getting a sunburn.
This year's tornado was a ___ disaster than last year's accident when a freight train ___ and crashed.
A hiker ___ to remember to pack bug spray when walking through a ___ forest.
If I had an incurable ___, I would want to spend my final days near the ___, enjoying peaceful views of the waves.
That's a rather small photograph of ___ MacArthur. Do you think you could ___ it?
There were over a ___ people in the large convention center. After the presentation was finished, there were ___ available on the tables near the door.

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