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1A. pursuer; a mild drink taken after hard liquor (C…R)
1B. look for; examine thoroughly (S…H)
2A. relating to vision or the study of light's properties (O…L)
2B. building in which a state legislature meets (C…L)
3A. esteems; looks up to (A…S)
3B. weapon worn at the hip (S…M)
4A. a movie theater; the art of moviemaking (C…A)
4B. having a condition in which red blood cells are low (A…C)
5A. not awake; inactive; dormant (A…P)
5B. word used in polite requests or questions (P…E)
6A. not shown openly; hidden; veiled (C…T)
6B. a quantity that has magnitude and direction (V…R)
7A. turns away; staves off; avoids (A…S)
7B. suffer severely, or die from hunger (S…E)
8A. in a manner that is suitable for a king (R…Y)
8B. sensitivity to an antigen, often resulting in a rash (A…Y)
9A. large body of troops (B…E)
9B. condense; shorten (A…E)
10A. fortress that commands a city; stronghold (C…L)
10B. a regional variety of language (D…T)
11A. fragments of ashes; hot coals (C…S)
11B. detect, recognize, or identify (D…N)
12A. paths of travel; subjects taken in school (C…S)
12B. disaccharaide with chemical formula C12H22O11 (S...E)
13A. one who supplies food for an event (C…R)
13B. an exterior space above ground level; a flat roof (T…E)
14A. holds fast; sticks to (A…S)
14B. cut off the sheep's wool (S…D)
15A. piece of jewelry won on the lobe (E…G)
15B. madder; more irate (A…R)
16A. provoked; caused one to become mad or upset (A…D)
16B. a small bomb thrown by hand (G…E)
17A. relating to the use of science to solve legal problems (F…C)
17B. cone-bearing seed plants (C…S)
18A. points of highest tension; pinnacles; culminations (C…S)
18B. cries out or speaks with strong emotion (E…S)
19A. frightening; shocking (A…G)
19B. having a rather limited importance or effect (M…L)
20A. has no opinion about existence of God (A…C)
20B. gliding downhill (C…G)
21A. possessed or influenced by an evil spirit (D…C)
21B. an entertainer who makes people laugh (C…N)
22A. related to one-celled microorganisms (B…L)
22B. evaluate the accuracy of an instrument (C…E)
23A. adjustment of parts to put them in proper orientation (A…T)
23B. mourning; expressing sorrow (L…G)
24A. advised someone to be careful; warned (C…D)
24B. the process of being taught or trained (E…N)
25A. People who leave their country to live in another country (E…S)
25B. Watching a video online without downloading it (S…G)
26A. opponent; adversary; rival (A…T)
26B. lack of growth; inactivity; sluggishness (S…N)

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