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Can you name the isms of the 19th century?

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Young Italy is associated with this particular man, I wouldn't say his name out loud though...
Rigidity versus forces of change brought about by French Revolution and ________ Revolution
This ism is associated with the Communist Manifesto.
The Communist Manifesto explains the nature of society by looking at its history and provides practical means to corrects faults, true of false.
______: Nationalistic movement of Slavs to break away from the dominance of German-speaking administrative rule of A-H
Uniqueness, separateness, & superiority is all a part of which 'ism'?
The Military muscle behind unification in the South was...
The 2 Major problem Areas for Metternich were the Italian and ____ Nationalism.
Early ____ saw the French Revolution as good, but not good enough, and felt a strong need for a sort of 'Utopia.'
Second half of 19th c: Nationalism converted to a doctrine of national conflict & ______ over others
The Congress of _____ was a political response to the fall of Napolean
the _____ was an agreement by Great Britain, Russia, Prussia, Austria, & France
Count Camillio Cavour was the political mind behind unification in the _____
Conservatism felt that any Any attempt to change society would make it ______
This ism viewed the French Revolution as bad, rejected the new industrial society and identified with the old institutions of the crown, nobility and the church.
Nationalism takes root in which Revolution?
Men such as Johann Gottfried von Herder & Johann Fichte are labeled today as...?
First half of 19th c: Nationalism is a force for ________.
Karl Marx and ____ are key figures in the founding of Marxism
This ism viewed the Early French Revolution as good and favored small government, free market capitalism and the equality of all under the law

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