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Where did Gru steal the Jumbotron from?
What is the name of the bank that Gru goes to for money?
What character never takes off his/her hat during the entirety of the movie?
What is the name of the boy that falls on the pyramid?
What was the bank formerly known as?
Miss Hattie's face is 'Como un...' what, according to Gru?
What book do the girls read at bedtime?
What type of cookies is Vector most excited about?
What is Vector's real name?
The girls' beds are actually what?
What weapon does Gru use in the coffee shop?
Vector commits crimes with both...
What does Agnes mistake for a caterpillar?
What is Gru's 'dog's' name?
What color does Gru's spacesuit turn in the wash?
What does Dr. Nefario make instead of cookie robots?
Edith thought it would be more like what movie, when they got adopted by a bald guy?
What object is visible (although camouflaged) behind Vector's lair?
Who is Gru giving a presentation to when the girls hit him with the freeze ray?

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