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Forced Order
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Birling's optimistic view that there would not be a war is Right or Wrong
The Birling's are celebrating because;
How many people are at the dinner party?
What advice does Mr. Birling give Gerald and Eric?
Who is at the door?
Why is he there?
What does the Inspector show Mr. Birling?
Why did Mr. Birling fire Eva Smith?
Who does Inspector Goole question next?
Where did Sheila meet Eva?
What did Sheila do to Eva?
Does this affect Sheila? Yes Or No
What did Eva Smith change her name to?
Does Gerald admit he knew Daisy Renton?
Where did Gerald meet Daisy Renton?
QuestionAnswerKind Of Answer
What did Gerald do for Daisy Renton?
When did he end the affair?
How does Mrs. Birling know Eva?
Why did Mrs. Birling not like Eva?
Does Mrs. Birling feel remorse? Yes Or No
Is Eric an alcoholic? Yes Or No
How much money did Eric take from Mr. Birlings Office
Who got Eva pregnant?
Why didn't Eva want to marry Eric?
What stopped her accepting gift from Eric?
Was the inspector real? Yes Or No
Is Eva Smith dead? Yes Or No
How do Mr. & Mrs. Birling react?
How do the youths react?
Who recieves a phone call at the end?
What is said?
What are the main themes of the book?

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