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Who is Michaels favorite character in 'Toy Story'?
What is Creeds favorite type of car?
What was Jims first halloween costume?
Who did Michael think was in his apartment complex parking lot?
What are the name of the first IT guy seen in the office?
What song did Michael think was 'Staying Alive'?
What is the password for the computers after the power goes out?
What is Erin's real name?
What was Andys name for the first 6 years of his life?
Who was the first character from the Stamford branch transfer to be fired?
What is Roys last name?
Which warehouse worker gives Michael a ride home?
What board game is played during the rummage sale?
What room does Jim and Pam stay in at Dwights Bed and Breakfast?
What is Creeds New Years Resolution?
Who is the only Co-Host of the 'Dundees'?

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