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'Doh!' or Greek poet
Frozen pizza company, or WWII ace pilot
A shaper of solid materials, or the inventor of peanut butter
'It has you,' or a rectangular array of elements arranged by rows and columns
Wookieepedia, or the Strategic Defense Initiative
Unregulated cell growth, or crab constellation
A gesture of greeting or departure, or a moving disturbance
To engage in conversation, or a brand of shoe
A tribunal established for justice, or to attempt to win over with social activities and displays of affection
A collection of articles, or to separate food in its passage
0 = mx + b, or to divert something in progress
To write in a memo, or very small
A purpose/goal, or a thing which has physical being
A composition of minerals, or to sway violently back and forth
A series of questions, or to take a view of from a high place
To pull apart, or a clear salty liquid
Phasianidae, or to lose heart
A sporting event, or a device that ignites with friction
A process of equalizing, or the beginning of the end
Chiroptera, or to strike/swipe at

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