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QUIZ: Can you name the inside references you learn as a Muser?

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Forced Order
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A glass of _______ and a piano in Darmstadt.
'Bow-hao. Booey ooie.' What's he trying to say?
Dom wears his _________ quite a lot.
Sped up, Matt's voice supposedly sounds like:
Dom + Slipknot Mask = ???
Where did Matt 'f*ck (his) face up real bad?'
Chris's middle name is NOT James. It's...
'I've caught a ________, Dom!'
'The show was cancelled because our management...'
Song done with The Streets
Call Dom a _______; get a drumstick up the arse.
'It's a long word.'
Chris IS the Legend of...
Chris's superhero costume:
It's a gay cheese.
'My head could blow up! I could kill Dom, or...'
Matt's favorite game?
Muse's 'muse:'
The dance invented at Glasto in 2004.
When filming the Unintended video, someone forgot to bring...

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