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QUIZ: Can you name the Big Bang Theory Season 2 Trivia?

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TriviaAnswerEpisode Name
What does Howard slip into Sheldon's warm milk without him knowing?
Which two scientific theories do Leslie and Leonard argue over?
Which online game does Penny become addicted to after Sheldon introduces her to it?
What animal does Sheldon wish for, saying it would be his perfect pet?
Which avenue does Sheldon wish to avoid on his way to work?
What is the name of the controlling graduate student that takes over Sheldon's life?
Which TV program does Penny watch in the guys' apartment when her cable gets cut?
What is Sheldon's Kryptonite?
What two further options does Sheldon add to the game 'Rock paper scissors?'
What is in the jar that Sheldon pretends he cannot open in an attempt to boost Leonard's masculinity standing?
When Dr Stephanie Barnett tells Sheldon he has swollen vocal chords and must stop talking, what name does she give to the procedure?
What does Penny give Sheldon for Christmas?
TriviaAnswerEpisode Name
Who does Sheldon befriend in order to get access to an open science grid computer?
In which superhero's buttocks does Sheldon hide some of his money?
What relationship does Leonard's mother classify Howard and Raj as being in?
Where is the destination of the trip that Leslie invites Howard on?
Who is the guest speaker at the conference in San Francisco that the guys go to?
What are the hair accessories that Penny creates called?
What show does Penny's rival Alicia land a part in?
What is the name of the owner of the comic book store?
What do Leonard and Raj pay Mikaela the escort to provide for Howard?
What does Howard design for use on the International Space Station?
What gift does Penny buy for Leonard for use at the North Pole?

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