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TriviaAnswerEpisode Name
What breed of cat does a dejected Leonard consider buying because of its hypoallergenic properties?
What is the name of the woman that Raj's parents try to set him up with?
What musical do Leonard and Sheldon have on special edition DVD?
What is Leonard's last name?
What drink does Penny make for Leonard when practising mixing drinks?
What are the first words that Raj says to Penny?
Which two doctors does Sheldon postulate might be able to remove shoes from rear ends?
According to his mother, where does Sheldon get 'all that science stuff' from?
What does Sheldon say to Leonard when they are cleaning Penny's apartment and Leonard stands exasperatedly against the doorjamb?
What type of laser does Leslie use to heat up her Cup o' Noodles?
TriviaAnswerEpisode Name
Which musical instrument does Leonard play?
What is the name of the hypothetical cute couple that Sheldon postulates Leslie and Leonard could manufacture?
What time does Sheldon wake every Saturday since moving into his apartment?
What item belonging to her ex-boyfriend does Penny throw out of Leonard and Sheldon's window?
What, according to Penny, looks like 'something Elton John would drive through the Everglades?'
What star sign is Penny?
Which composer does Sheldon liken himself to when younger genius Dennis Kim appears on the scene?
Which musical does Penny star in after the previous girl dropped out?
How does Sheldon suggest one might be able to measure a sense of humour?
What flavour of soup does Sheldon's mother make for him when he's ill?

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