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QUIZ: Can you name the End of These Common Idioms?

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Your Idea Certainly Gives Me Food For
The Grass Is Always Greener
What Goes Around
A Picture Paints/Is Worth A
A Penny Saved Is
A Taste Of Your Own
Curiosity Killed
Get Up On The Wrong Side
Like A Chicken With Its
Never Bite The Hand
Got Off On The Wrong
Third Time's A
X Marks The
You Can't Judge A Book
Don't Count Your Chickens
Dont Bite Off More Than You
Between A Rock And
You're Barking Up The
Actions Speak
You Can Kill Two Birds With
You Can't Beat A
Stop Beating Around
Every Once In A
Close, But
Cross Your
Close Only Counts In Horseshoes and
Drastic Times Call For
Dropping Like
Great Minds
I Smell A
Play It By
Take The Bull By
Don't Jump The
Just In The
It's Time To Turn Over
When Life Hands You Lemmons ( The Andy Milonakis Show )
Practice Makes
You Have Me
Fool Me Once, Shame On You

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