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Can you name the TV Show by its Chinese title and a loose translation?

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生活大爆炸 - Life's Big Bang
真爱如血 - Love as Real as Blood
铁人料理 - Iron Man Cuisine
奇异果女孩 - Kiwi Girls
老友记 - A Record of Old Friends
美眉校探 - Pretty Girl School Detective
橘群风云 - Orange Group Unstable Situation
愚人善事 - A Fool's Good Deeds
开心汉堡店 - Happy Hamburger Shop
无厘取闹 - Silly and Causing Trouble
凡人琐事 - The Trivial Matters of Ordinary People
宋飞传 - The Story of Seinfeld
异世奇人 - An Odd Man from a Strange Age
星舰奇航记 - A Record of the Strange Journey of a Spaceship
神探夏洛克 - Master Sleuth Sherlock
房客美女 - Tenant Girl
美国达人 - America's Well-Informed People
考斯比一家 - The Cosby Family
童话镇 - Fairy Tale Town
尸行者 - Corpse Pedestrians

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