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Singer of the 1984 hit 'One Night in Bangkok'
1997 sci-fi thriller film starring Nicolas Cage and John Travolta
Emblem featured on the Jolly Roger
Common name for the surgical procedure technically known as 'rhinoplasty'
1996 Alanis Morissette hit about best friends falling in love
'To pay ___ _______': to support or give approval insincerely
Alternative name for the disease tetanus
Most easterly point of the contiguous United States
Exercise involving contraction of the biceps (and others) to raise the body, usually involving a bar
The summit of a hill or pass
Good luck getting a camel through this!
The zygomatic bone - a boon to supermodels
1975 Spielberg film based on a Peter Benchley novel
Bodily secretion with the scientific name 'cerumen'
Location of Harry Potter's scar
'Fall ____ ____ _____': become enamoured, or to tumble, perhaps?
Steve Martin had two of them, in a 1983 comedy film
Original name of the social network giant Facebook
A private conversation, from the French for 'head-to-head'
2008 horror movie starring Jessica Alba, about a transplant turned bad

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