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Can you name the Unique triple letter combinations?

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Triplet (# of letters)WordDefinition
AFC (10)garden tool for trimming bushes
BIH (8)every two hours
BZE (7)below 0
DSF (8)holding alot with your fingers
DYU (7)go faster, horsey!
FBL (9)having two disabilities
FCO (15)not shy
FKE (6)singing badly
GPA (8)running trousers
GTY (8)lassoing a pig!
HML (10)I dance like this
HTK (9)bunched closely together
IWR (11)cream for the older face
IWY (7)what you see is what you get!
IXF (7)happening between 5 and 7 times!
Triplet (# of letters)WordDefinition
KJE (6)type of printer
LHI (4)elementary high school
LZY (8)excessively sentimental
MFY (5)my sofa is this
MSF (7)nursing several babies maybe!
NQS (6)drugs
OYT (7)where Noddy is from!
VYL (7)similar to Holly's partner
WKL (8)similar to a bird of prey
WWH (9)not very straight
XIH (10)working at your convenience
XII (7)doing it before and after take-off
XTD (8)neighbour's house
ZII (8)2 quadrilaterals with a pair of parallel sides
ZYB (9)lethargic skeleton!

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