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Forced Order
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QuestionAnswerEpisode of Reference
Where is the show set for the first four seasons?General Information
Sean and Christian's signature catchphrase.General Information
The name of Christian's speedboat.Pilot
Matt injured himself attempting to give himself a...Mandi/Randi
Metal object left inside Mrs. Grubman prompting her to sue McNamara/Troy.Nanette Babcock
Sean made Dr. Marcus Grayson shut down his practice working on transgenders. But the practice was reopened by the end of the episode under this name.Sophia Lopez
Christian's on again/off again girlfriend throughout the series.General information
Kurt Dempsey got his eyes done so he would look more his fiance's ethnicity, which was...Kurt Dempsey
Where did Christian meet Gina?Kurt Dempsey
How much weight did Bliss Berger lose in preparation for her meeting Isaac?Megan O'Hara
Julia walked in on Matt, Vanessa, and Ridley. Guess what they were doing?Cliff Mantegna
Sean and Christian took medical custody of Cara Fitzgerald because her mother was a ______ and thus refused treatment.Cara Fitzgerald
Christian traded Kimber for Dr. Bobolit's car, a ...Sophia Lopez II
Gina's pet name for Christian.General Information
Christian: 'I don't excel at anything, relationships, my profession. All I have to offer is a great smile and a convincing line of...Adelle Coffin
This song was playing as Megan O'Hara committed suicide.Adelle Coffin
Where does Sassy go when Montana's there?Montana/Sassy/Justice
What percentage of McNamara/Troy's business is breast augmentations?Antonia Ramos
Escobar was using women as drug mules, smuggling ______ in their breast implants.Antonia Ramos
Where did Sean and Christian get their medical degrees?General Information
The new name selected to go with Escobar's new face.Escobar Gallardo
Sean was afflicted with this psychological disorder, affecting his ability to operate.Erica Noughton
This friend of Matt was jailed for assaulting and raping Cara Fitzgerald.Christian Troy
Wilbur's biological father.Manya Mabika
Using the tip of one of her toes, Sean and Christian reconstructed Manya Mabika's...Manya Mabika
How old was Annie when she started puberty?Mrs. Grubman
Joel Gideon lost his nose and most of his fingers to frostbite trauma while attempting to scale this mountain.Joel Gideon
Ava agreed to have sex with Matt if he got an A on his ______ exam.Bobbi Broderick
What the Carver says as he's brutalizing his victim.Naomi Gaines
Agatha Ripp came to McNamara/Troy to fix the scars caused by what she claimed was...Agatha Ripp
Rose and Raven Rosenberg were conjoined twins joined at the ...Rose & Raven Rosenberg
Name of male patient that got breast implants in the name of breast cancer awareness.Kimber Henry
Natasha Charles was in the business of designing...Natasha Charles
In this alternate reality, Julia was married to Christian, Sean was married to Megan O'Hara, and Matt got a full scholarship to this university.Julia McNamara
After losing his medical license, Bobolit set up shop in the back of this woman's nail salon.Oona Wentworth
Christian's car got stripped while Natasha was in it listening to this song.Trudy Nye
The Carver uses a form of this drug to subdue his victims.Sean McNamara
This person serves as Sean's 'devil on his shoulder' at various points in the series.General Information
Ava's real name.Joan Rivers
Actor who plays the doctor that performed Ava's gender reassignment surgery.Joan Rivers
How long was Momma Boone stuck on her couch?Momma Boone
What was the name of the gorilla the zoo wanted to pair Kiki with?Kiki
Quentin and Christian conducted surgery in a frat house because Gary and Alex had their faces glued to Derek's...Alex, Derek and Gary
Matt had Sean served with this legal document.Rhea Reynolds
Who was arrested because the police thought he was the Carver?Granville Trapp
Name of the surgical recovery spa Julia started with Gina.Frankenlaura
QuestionAnswerEpisode of Reference
Ben White suffered from this condition which led to him obsessing about having his leg amputated.Ben White
The active ingredient in De La Mer's signature face mask.Ben White
Tommy Bolton's family share a common feature in their noses called a naso-dorsal protrusion, which Christian referred to as the...Tommy Bolton
Sean, Christian, and Quentin performed this surgery on Hannah Tedesco.Hannah Tedesco
Ariel Alderman claimed this symbol of hate was actually four L's meaning light, love, life, and luck.Madison Berg
Which one of the following was NOT attacked by the Carver? Sean, Christian, Kit, Liz, Gina, Kimber.General Information
Sean walked in on Corporal Brandt and Quentin having sex. Which one ended up losing their career because of it?Abby Mays
Sean had to use ______ to remove Sal Perri's arms.Sal Perri
Sean and Christian removed a lithopedion from Joy Kringle, which is a fancy term for a calcified _____.Joy Kringle
How many times has Julia been pregnant (in her life, not just during the series).General Information
Quentin was initially cleared of being a suspect in the Carver attacks because he lacks a ...Cherry Peck
Quentin staged a Carver attack on himself to throw off the police. What was written on the wall behind him, over his head?Quentin Costa
Quentin turned out to be the Carver, but Kit turned out to be Quentin's ______.Quentin Costa
Sean presented Christian with a gold scalpel, celebrating ____ surgeries.Cindy Plumb
Burt Landau: 'Brains can help you recognize an opportunity, but it is ____ that make you a risk-taker.'Cindy Plumb
It was discovered that Julia and Sean's unborn baby was diagnosed with ectrodactyly, crudely referred to as ...Cindy Plumb
Kimber introduced Matt to the 'church' of ________.Blu Mondae
Sean and Julia hired this person as their night nurse for Conor.Monica Wilder
Name of Michelle's boss in the black market.Shari Noble
Ater hooking up with someone from a lesbian bar, Liz woke up missing this organ.Shari Noble
Shari Noble's husband killed his wife's lover. Who or what was her lover?Shari Noble
Dawn Budge paid Christian _______ for sex.Dawn Budge
Tattoo Christian removed from Dr. Faith Wolper's lower back.Faith Wolper, PhD
Tattoo she replaced it with.Faith Wolper, PhD
Against doctor's advice, Burt Landau used this medication and it gave him a stroke.Burt Landau
Mrs. Grubman died of stage 4 ____ _______.Conor McNamara
Liz's girlfriend Poppy was played by this Canadian songstress.Liz Cruz
Who was Bobolit's prison husband?Merrill Bobolit
The name of the hurricane that hit Miami.Conor McNamara, 2026
In this 'future,' who operated on Conor's other hand?Conor McNamara, 2026
Diana Lubey had Victor Madsen's _____ inserted into her breast implants.Diana Lubey
What is Reefer's daughter's name?Reefer
Name of Willy Ward's ventriloquist dummy.Willy Ward
Name of the clinic Sean worked at when he first moved to Los Angeles.Gala Gallardo
Name of the publicist Sean and Christian hired to drum up business.Carly Summers
Name of the show Sean works on as an actor and consultant.Carly Summers
Who is the actor that plays Aidan Stone, the star of Hearts 'N Scalpels?Carly Summers
Name of the magazine Christian posed nude for.Joyce & Sharon Monroe
Eden came to Sean to get her _____ reconstructed.Everett Poe
Matt and Kimber got hooked on this illegal substance.Everett Poe
Nurse Linda loves to play ____.General Information
Annie was kicked out of school because she was caught performing ______ on a boy. Dawn Budge II
Safe word used when Sean and Kate went into the swingers' house.Chaz Darling
What is the name of the failed reality show starring Sean and Christian?Damien Sands
Sean banged Eden while he was high on ...Dr. Joshua Lee
The name of Matt and Kimber's daughter.General Information
QuestionAnswerEpisode of Reference
Eden started poisoning Julia's food and drink with ...Duke Collins
Who was the suicide bomber whose death embedded Rachel with human shrapnel?Rachel Ben Natan
Who was Sean's agent?Magda and Jeff
Sean's agent's pet name for Sean.General Information
What was the name of the talent agency that was interested in stealing Sean away from his agent?Kyle Ainge
Sean found out that his agent was really just someone working at a kiosk selling...Lulu Grandiron
After Matt has sex with Emme Lowell, he learned that Emme was ...August Walden
Julia developed _______ after Eden shot her.Candy Richards
How many times did Sean's agent stab Sean?Candy Richards
Christian was diagnosed with stage two ______ ______.Ronnie Chase
Gene Shelly said that there's only two things to do in horse country, ride and _____.Gene Shelly
Name of Coco's demo.Roxy St. James
Who destroyed Raj's hand, ending his career as a plastic surgeon?Ricky Wells
What was tattooed on Manny Skerritt's dick?Manny Skerritt
Who played Teddy Rowe in season 5?General Information
Name of the screenplay Aidan wrote based on Sean's experiences.Manny Skerritt
Who did Christian propose to?Budi Sabri
Dr. Logan Taper struggles with this, causing him to find furniture sexually attractive.Allegra Calderella
Teddy's Las Vegas alter ego.Giselle Blaylock & Legend Chandler
Who played Teddy Rowe in season 6?General Information
Name of Christian's boat.Don Hoberman
Matt started robbing convience stores dressed as a ____.Don Hoberman
Vivian stabbed herself in the arm and Sean in the thigh in order to score some _________.Enigma
Saying carved into Enigma's abdomen.Enigma
Teddy killed Briggitte Reinhart by causing her to overdose on ______.Briggitte Reinhart
Jenny Juggs: 'If you ask anyone in my tenth grade class what they remember about Jenny Jarvis, first they'll laugh uncomfortably. Then they'll say, 'Her ...'Jenny Juggs
The name of the parastic twin that was absorbed into Abigail Sullivan.Abigail Sullivan
Name of Erica's young, Italian husband.Alexis Stone
Julia set up Erica to be busted at the airport with a half kilo of ______.Alexis Stone II
In order to look more like Barbie, Tracy Pierce had her ______ removed.Lola Wlodkowski
Name of Sean's brother, a recovering meth addict.Benny Nilsson
Matt got early release from prison because Sean and Christian performed surgery on Wesley Clovis, a death row inmate played by this Modern Family actor.Wesley Clovis
Award that Sean and Christian 'won.'Dan Daly
How long was Rupert Kenney in a coma before he came to see Sean?Willow Banks
How did Kimber commit suicide?Joel Seabrook
Name of the actress that played Kimber's mother.Sheila Carlton
Name of the chimpanzee that mauled Sheila Carlton's face.Sheila Carlton
How many dead bodies have Sean and Christian had to dispose of during the series?General Information
Who killed Marcy Hamill?Virginia Hayes
In their session with Dr. Griffin, he had Sean and Christian write a list of words that describe the other person. What was the one word on Christian's list to describe Sean?Dr. Griffin
The name of Matt's fiance'.Dr. Griffin
Who was the couple that tried to sued McNamara/Troy because they blamed their business failures on their plastic surgery.Christian Troy II
Walter Krieger posed as a Jew for most of his life, but he was really a ____.Edith and Walter Krieger
Name of Ava's second adopted son.Edith and Walter Krieger
Julia took Annie and Conor to live with her soon-to-be new husband in ______.Hiro Yoshimura

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