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New Jersey city where Myron was raised
Win's full name
Myron's favorite restuarant
University where Myron played basketball, winning his team two NCAA titles.
University where Myron got his law degree
NBA team that drafted Myron
NBA team that Myron briefly played for (but it was more for undercover pruposes)
Woman that Myron considered his soulmate
City where Win was raised
Martial art in which Win and Myron are well-practiced
Name Esperanza used during her days as a professional wrestler
Big Cyndi's real name
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What Big Cyndi always calls Myron
After Brenda's death, Myron ran away to an island with this woman
The Ache brothers run this sports agency
Name of Myron's biological son
Name of small-town sheriff that helps Myron with his investigations
Myron's younger brother's name
NYC apartment building where Myron rooms with Win
Myron's very first client
Former Mossad agent that is a cross-dresser, keeps a stilleto blade in her heel, and refers to herself in the third person
Myron's favorite drink
Tragic event that claimed the life of Ali Wilder's husband

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