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Seth Rogen gets Katherine Heigl pregnant.
Ashton Kutcher travels through time.
Chris Rock impersonates a gangsta rapper.
George Clooney robs a casino.
Edward Norton is a reformed Nazi.
Martin Lawrence wears a fat suit.
Emile Hirsch falls for an ex-porn star.
Adam Sandler has a magic remote.
Jon Favreau is so money, he doesn't even know it.
Richard Pryor has to spend 30 million dollars in 30 days.
Ice-T is being hunted down by millionaires.
Seann William Scott robs a bank with a bunch of amateurs.
Jason Statham robs a bank in England in the '70s.
Will Smith helps guys get their dream girl.
Denzel Washington is a big-time heroin dealer.
Matthew McConaughey loves those high school girls, man.
John Lithgow has multiple personalities.
Ben Affleck is Superman in the '50s.
Wesley Snipes hunts vampires.
Arnold Schwarzenegger goes to Mars.
Matt Damon plays poker.
Mel Gibson just wants his money back.
The Rock puts together a football team.
Tim Roth is a bellhop at a hotel.
Jet Li is his own worst enemy.
Larenz Tate manages to get his freak on with Halle Berry, Lela Rochon, and Vivica A. Fox.
Mark Harmon learns how to be a teacher.
Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are a pair of fallen angels.
Linda Hamilton has to fight a cyborg from the future.
Leonardo DiCaprio is after a valuable pink diamond.

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